Synergy of Opposites


What do you call “synergy of opposites” in human terms?
I would say it’s “Love” of elements!


There are moments, when some decide to drop all the sharade of big white wedding, masquerade of society convections and create own time to formally seal their wandering through the world. Those peaceful moments shared with close family are far more treasured than “drunken stories” of the world….


Artwork below is inspired by a beautiful moment of togetherness
and is named it “Synergy of Opposites is Love”.

BW Artwork by work4dream
BW Artwork by work4dream – “Synergy of Opposites is Love of Elements”



One feet, Two feet, ...
One feet, Two feet, …

Street & Travel Photography No.x3

All rights reserved

Portraits & Street/Travel works – London photography – session No.x3


Timeless & Fresh | Arty & Magical | Kinky & unOrthodox

Thank you for visiting the “PhotoVision” – presentation of my work. It consist of pictures and digital manipulation, which I consider interesting. It has no specific order or genre … just a mixture of visual perception of the reality from my point of view. If you particularly dislike some of the works, keep it yourself. But if you like some of it very much, feel free to leave me a message and share it with your social network ….

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London Studio Photography – No.x2

All rights reserved - Tkay - London 2013

Portraits & Studio works – London photography – session No.x2

Tara – studio fun time

All rights reserved - Tara - London 2013 - Studio

Tara – Portraits & Studio works – London 2013

Fun with Kiki

All rights reserved - Glamour Amor - London

Photo session with Kirsten Amor: a twenty something journalist, writer, blogger and outdoor enthusiast. Passionate about photography, healthy lifestyle, self made presents, good food and always smiling. Check out her blog for/about women getting outdoors: AmoreExplore

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Martial Arts with Charlie

All rights reserved - Photo of kick in the air. Martial Arts photo shoot with Charlie

ART OF MARTIAL ARTS – photo selection.
A short personal portfolio promotion photo shoot for Charlie – London earlier this year …

Southbank with Dave

All rights reserved - David Marken head shot May 2013

Portfolio photo shoot with Dave Marken – an Irish actor & musician living in London and performing around Britain and Ireland.

#London #photography #portfolio #DavidMarken #work4dream

David Marken
David Marken – London 2013
David Marken
David Marken – London 2013

Self portraits

All rights reserved - Self-Portraits

a bit of self photo fun

Old “Hippie Beetle” Car Artwork

All rights reserved - Broken old Beetle car covered with graffiti and British flag painting in the urban setting of Camden Town, London. A silent reminder of the hippie times.

Old Aston Martin (or Volkswagen??) car covered with graffiti – London Street Art (Camden Town). This photo art work is result of digital photo manipulation based on original image featuring old car (“hippie Beetle” rusty old car) and patch glass like pieces creating highlights and pattern of dimension through the whole image.