Martial Arts with Charlie

All rights reserved - Photo of kick in the air. Martial Arts photo shoot with Charlie

ART OF MARTIAL ARTS – photo selection.
A short personal portfolio promotion photo shoot for Charlie – London earlier this year …

Southbank with Dave

All rights reserved - David Marken head shot May 2013

Portfolio photo shoot with Dave Marken – an Irish actor & musician living in London and performing around Britain and Ireland.

#London #photography #portfolio #DavidMarken #work4dream

David Marken
David Marken – London 2013
David Marken
David Marken – London 2013

Old “Hippie Beetle” Car Artwork

All rights reserved - Broken old Beetle car covered with graffiti and British flag painting in the urban setting of Camden Town, London. A silent reminder of the hippie times.

Old Aston Martin (or Volkswagen??) car covered with graffiti – London Street Art (Camden Town). This photo art work is result of digital photo manipulation based on original image featuring old car (“hippie Beetle” rusty old car) and patch glass like pieces creating highlights and pattern of dimension through the whole image.

Timeless Spring

All rights reserved - Timeless Spring

* Photo art with spring motive and time passing in mind.
Cherry blossoms, astrological clock ….
* Time moving with astronomical clock, zodiac signs
and space continuum motion – artistic vision.

* Flowering cherry tree in spring – B&W brown. Detail on unfolding
blossoms against blue sky with white clouds.

Amazing portraits

Amazing Portraits & Beautiful Women

Amazing works by visionary photographers. Selection of random images which inspire me with its originality, message, hidden meaning or just “blows my mind out” 🙂

Erwin Blumenfeld
amazing photographer and visionary and his “beautiful women” portraits

Amazing Portraits & Beautiful Women
Erwin Blumenfeld












Man Ray

some of his photographs, though not much fun of the “solarization” technique he discovered, while exposing negatives to normal light for a short time by an accident during their development.

Man Ray



Yes, there is one coming …. and may have come forever 😉
** there are always two sides of the artwork (like a sides of a coin): the artist having a vision, that evolves into a piece he/she … it?…  calls an art. Second part is an “art collector” – the one with the cash – that seems to dictate course of what’s good through the centuries … and often it’s not about how good it is but, hey who is the first, favoured by a few, or can we make some great investment…
I personally perceive art in the way, that it either leaves impact on me or goes down the drain. Some of the values cashed in are just like a slap in the face, but other pieces are the beyond wonder.
… And what I think about my own creations? Interesting retrospective thought: “Certainly it’s development & life progression – some of the works fails to interest me in the years to come, but other early works are the most amazing pieces I’ve ever produced. The main reflection of my works comes with the saying that internal feeling & sense of harmony is part of anything I publish and all works are the most unique self representation of perception  of the world around & beyond me – personally I create, because I express – and don’t bend to commercial demand or pleasing the @art collectors + investors + critiques !  @ unique works only comes from self independent rebellion 🙂  **
………………^………………>>…………………. = @ = All Rights reserved !…



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Featured Gallery

All rights reserved

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On the road around the planet, taking picks …. some of them funny.

Graffiti & Street Art Photos
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