Portraits – London Pride 2017

London – Pride 2017 – Portraits

Universary of 45th gathering together to share freedom and self expression in the yearly Pride parade has taken place in London on second weekend of July 2017. Portraits & Artworks representing mix of visual interpretation from the sunny day out in the streets of London city.

London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits

London Pride is one of the biggest event of the year and LGBT march with tens of thousands participants. This year hasn’t been differenet. Oxford Street + Regent Street are closed all the way down to Trafalgar square, where the main podium with speakers and other program has happens and where the London mayor usually makes his/her appearance.

London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits

One of the main things on the Pride is the friendly atmospheare, cheerful people who come here all to celebrate togetherness ….

London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Leather

Visual inpression by Work4Dream is perception of / from the event.

London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits + Puppy & Dogs
London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Red Hat
London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Together
London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Scale of Fate
London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits + Colours
London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Spacey
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Inner Selfie
London Pride 2017 - Portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Leather Wear
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Breaking 6 pack drink plastic rings
London Pride 2017 - best of portraits
London Pride 2017 – Portraits & Rainbow flag

Human Pups – London Pride 2015

London Pride 2015 – Parade Photos and Portraits
Human Pups, Human Kittens – fetish fantasy in London streets – photography from the annual march in London.

human pups - London Pride 2015

The origins of animal roleplay and petplay are probably various and diverse, again depending upon the participants involved. However, its origins are certainly influenced by costuming, fiction, myth and legend, roleplay and psychodrama in their various aspects. Some of the earliest published images of animal play (especially pony play) are to be found in the work of John Willie, primarily in Bizarre magazine published from 1946 to 1959.

Human Pups - London Pride 2015

A puppy or dog is a human pet. It can be a male or female who identifies closely with real biological pups/dogs and lets go their human inhibitions and stress to embrace their animal instinct. They live in the moment, their entire existence revolves around getting a pat on the head, being told they are a good puppy, exploring anything and everything that looks interesting or fun, even if it’s sniffing someone in public. A pup/dog may take on the persona of a biological canine to varying degrees from being on all fours chasing balls and barking instead of talking to only taking on the personality of a pup/dog but retaining their human abilities.

London - Pride 2015

For many it’s just a type of role playing but for others it’s a part of their inner spirit,it’s who they are whether in pup gear or not.

London - Pride 2015

*** Human Pups *** Human Kittens ***

Human Pups/Cats - London Pride 2015
Human Kitten – a variation of Human Pups with leather outfit, leather of rubbers style mask and accessories of animal pets. Portrait from London Pride 2015 Parade, Street Photography series – London


Street & Travel Photography No.x3

All rights reserved

Portraits & Street/Travel works – London photography – session No.x3


Timeless & Fresh | Arty & Magical | Kinky & unOrthodox

Thank you for visiting the “PhotoVision” – presentation of my work. It consist of pictures and digital manipulation, which I consider interesting. It has no specific order or genre … just a mixture of visual perception of the reality from my point of view. If you particularly dislike some of the works, keep it yourself. But if you like some of it very much, feel free to leave me a message and share it with your social network ….

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London Studio Photography – No.x2

All rights reserved - Tkay - London 2013

Portraits & Studio works – London photography – session No.x2

Tara – studio fun time

All rights reserved - Tara - London 2013 - Studio

Tara – Portraits & Studio works – London 2013

Self portraits

All rights reserved - Self-Portraits

a bit of self photo fun

Amazing portraits

Amazing Portraits & Beautiful Women

Amazing works by visionary photographers. Selection of random images which inspire me with its originality, message, hidden meaning or just “blows my mind out” 🙂

Erwin Blumenfeld
amazing photographer and visionary and his “beautiful women” portraits

Amazing Portraits & Beautiful Women
Erwin Blumenfeld












Man Ray

some of his photographs, though not much fun of the “solarization” technique he discovered, while exposing negatives to normal light for a short time by an accident during their development.

Man Ray



Yes, there is one coming …. and may have come forever 😉
** there are always two sides of the artwork (like a sides of a coin): the artist having a vision, that evolves into a piece he/she … it?…  calls an art. Second part is an “art collector” – the one with the cash – that seems to dictate course of what’s good through the centuries … and often it’s not about how good it is but, hey who is the first, favoured by a few, or can we make some great investment…
I personally perceive art in the way, that it either leaves impact on me or goes down the drain. Some of the values cashed in are just like a slap in the face, but other pieces are the beyond wonder.
… And what I think about my own creations? Interesting retrospective thought: “Certainly it’s development & life progression – some of the works fails to interest me in the years to come, but other early works are the most amazing pieces I’ve ever produced. The main reflection of my works comes with the saying that internal feeling & sense of harmony is part of anything I publish and all works are the most unique self representation of perception  of the world around & beyond me – personally I create, because I express – and don’t bend to commercial demand or pleasing the @art collectors + investors + critiques !  @ unique works only comes from self independent rebellion 🙂  **
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