Man with antlers

All rights reserved - Man with antlers, London

Young man in suit, wearing antlers walking streets of central London with book of Kafka in his hand. London street photography. In the office based area around Bank station had this young artist joined crowd of men in suit, slowly walking towards Oxford Circus and engaging in conversation with passers-by, who were not afraid to approach. While quoting following text, he was sharing with “brave” approaching people … he certainly raised smiles on many otherwise serious and busy looking faces. One of the reasons for his eccentric approach was to engage in conversation with complete strangers.

Quote (text from card supplied by artist):
“the animal proposes to the human by indicating … means of escape
that the human would never have thought of by himself”
(Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari 1987)

Street Dancers – Barcelona

All rights reserved - Street Dancers, Barcelona 2013

Street dancers in Barcelona (Spain) 2013. Group of young dancers performing for public in the old town near citadel. More images to follow …

Barcelona is one of the favorite spots for street performances such as music, flamenco dancing or “street dance” shows. Not only due to its mild weather, beautiful beach or high volume of passing tourists. It’s connected to the local lifestyle, popular with exercise, wide circles of friends, alternative life approach (like Yoga, Buddhism, Taichi) ….


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